Bed bug infestations can be overwhelming, upsetting, and difficult to treat. There are multiple reasons that these disturbing pests can be challenging to eradicate; they are hard to spot, can multiply and spread quickly, and have developed a resistance to some chemical treatments.

It’s important to be familiar with the issues surrounding bed bug identification and treatment so that you can be prepared to deal with these pests if they ever pop up in your home.

Identification of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hard to spot. These annoying pests are very cryptic and like to take advantage of small hiding spots like cracks in a headboard, the underside of wood slats, screw cavities, and even electrical outlets.

Furthermore, many people are not sensitive to bed bug bites which mean that bite marks won’t show up on their skin. These two factors play a critical role in why it is so difficult to identify them.

Due to their ability to go unseen for long periods, once bed bugs are found, they have already had ample time to reproduce and spread to multiple areas of the home. Call a pest control provider immediately as soon as you notice the bed bugs. The longer you wait, the more time they have to reproduce.

Bed Bug Treatment

Once the bed bugs have been identified, they must be treated by a professional. Due to how expensive bed bug treatment can be, many homeowners try to solve their bed bug issues by making home remedies. This usually has little to no success and will often make the problem worse by the time a pest control provider is called in.

While it may be expensive and difficult for a pest control professional to eliminate the bed bugs, it’s better to let them handle the issue as soon as the pests are identified rather than trying to solve the issue by yourself.

Another issue surrounding the treatment of bed bugs is their resilience to certain chemical treatments. Until the last few years, many of the products used to treat bedbugs were shown negatively because bed bugs developed a resistance to the active ingredients in the treatment. While some of these products are still out there, new products and methods are now available that are high-quality options for treating bed bugs.

All in all, bed bugs can be taken care of, but treatment is often difficult due to their hiding skills, unseen bite marks, and ability to resist some chemical treatments. If you think you might have bed bugs in your home, call a professional pest control provider who is confident in their treatment and offers a good warranty.