Pest Shield 24/7

Pest Shield 24/7

No one wants to think or discuss residential pest control services. It’s not exactly a fun topic of conversation. While insects and creepy crawlies are an inescapable part of the outdoors, thinking about them inside the home is downright unpleasant. This is where Trusted and Guaranteed Pest Control takes pride in offering multiple solutions for every house and budget. 

After speaking with our current customers and potential customers, we see a need in the market for a pest service that is offered in the Spring and Fall seasons. We have created Pest Shield 24/7 to do just that.

Pest Shield 24/7 Includes:

  • a Spring and Fall Visit
  • Sealing of all windows
  • Monitoring of all spaces
  • Sealing joints underneath the home
  • Rodent bait station
  • Sealing of any points where bugs or moisture can enter the home
  • Caulking in areas to help improve efficiency in your home and lower utility bills
  • Sealing up under cabinets
  • Dusting in wall outlets

In addition to Pest Shield 24/7, T&G Pest Control recommends adding attic insulation. Added pest control insulation to your current home’s insulation will provide another layer in pest control prevention.

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” Great company, very professional, answered all my questions and very reasonable rates. Highly recommend T&G Pest Control! “

– Michele

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