It’s common for homeowners to request a pest-free home. No one wants to live among ants and termites. As much as every pest control company would love to make that happen, it’s not possible in most cases.

One of the problems pest control companies face is that pests often travel to and from a structure. This issue worsens as wintertime approaches and the temperature drops. Many pests practice “overwintering,” where they migrate and create homes inside warm structures to survive the winter. In a nutshell, pest issues will come and go as the seasons’ change. However, pest control companies can try to control these issues by eliminating the colony.

Let’s take ants, for example. Ants build two types of colonies; satellite and parent colonies. Satellite colonies are made inside the home, in spaces like insulation and wall cavities. Parent colonies are typically built outside the home in areas like rotting trees, logs, and roots. Due to ants creating these colonies, it’s essential to treat your home quarterly to prevent “build-up” and infestations.

Next, let’s take a look at spiders. These creepy crawlers usually hang around for a reason, and surprisingly, it’s not to scare you. Spiders must have a shelter in a low-traffic area with some moisture and humidity if possible. Additionally, they want to be in an area with a food source; this needs to be easy prey like other spiders and pests.

Many other reasons are conducive to pest activity and merit pest control. As you can see from the two above scenarios, pest control is just that, control. This “control” needs to be a planned preventive program created after an initial home inspection. Contact T&G Pest Control for any questions you may have about pests in your home. We’re here to help you feel comfortable and at ease in your own space!