There’s a reason pest control companies title themselves “pest control” and “pest management.” As we’ve talked about in previous blogs, in most cases it’s not possible to have a pest-free home indefinitely. However, with the correct service selection, you can achieve long-term results.

Let’s discuss pest management strategies. This can be the difference between seeing a pest every now and then and having an infestation in the spring or summer. Please keep in mind that these expectations depend on the skill level of your technician. For example, your technician should not be using a reactive approach, such as spraying your baseboards in hopes that the pests will crawl across that exact spot. An approach like this would not warrant long-term results.

For long-lasting results, you should ensure that your service includes glue monitors. These should be set up in concealed areas around your home. Glue monitors will aid in spotting pest activity and nesting sites before they become an infestation. Once the pests show up, your technician can determine a treatment process.

Another tactic used for long-term results is removing webs and treating exterior and interior openings. Treatment should be placed in cracks, crevices, weep holes, and other areas that allow pests to sneak in from the outside.

Lastly, your service should include recommendations on sealing up the small exterior and interior spots where pests can enter your home. This will ensure that you have controlled the access points, which is crucial. Keep in mind that in some cases, unless you have target pest problems that arise inside of your home, you may only receive exterior treatment.

If your provider is in it for the long haul and utilizes this multiple-style approach, you should be in good hands. Reach out to T&G Pest Control for any questions or concerns about the pests in your home!