Crawlspace Care

Crawlspace Pest Prevention

Crawlspaces are often overlooked, but proper maintenance is crucial to help prevent pests, termites, and fungus issues. Let us do the clean up.

Crawlspace Care

Crawlspaces are great for keeping your house elevated off the ground and providing easy access to plumbing, electrical wiring and ductwork. They can also present potential problems. Keeping moisture under control is highly important in preventing damage to your home. Moisture trapped in a crawlspace can increase pest activity, damage your home and grow mold. 

Pest Problems

Crawlspaces can provide an environment for pests to not only thrive but also gain easy access to the rest of your home. Pests can follow wiring, warm air in your duct work, and plumbing to easily get access to the interior of your home. This can lead to inconveniences and could cause major damage to your home’s wiring, foundation and overall structure. 

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