Clean and protect your biggest investment from mold and fungus, your home! Both natural and man-made elements can adhere to your property’s exterior surfaces. Mold, dirt, and pollution can not only diminish the beauty of your property but can also do permanent damage. The longer mold and other contaminants remain on your house the harder they are to remove. CleanScape with T&G Pest Control has the solution for you. T&G Pest Control will be more than happy to help your home and exterior surfaces look new again with CleanScape.

CleanScape is a mold cleaning service that utilizes a specialized product to clear off mold and fungus from surfaces. T&G Pest Control only uses the best products on the market. CleanScape is organic and safe for humans and pets.

CleanScape can be used in the following areas:

  • siding
  • patios
  • decks
  • exterior surfaces

Contact T&G Pest Control today to get rid of your mold or gunk on your exterior surfaces.

” Great company, very professional, answered all my questions and very reasonable rates. Highly recommend T&G Pest Control! “

– Michele

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